Helping families flourish as they navigate the complexities of wealth.

While many families excel in building wealth, few sustain it over time. We work with ultra-high net worth families to create a unifying purpose, build governance based on trusted relationships and prepare family members with the character and competence required for intergenerational success.

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“Fu bu guo san dai”… wealth never survives three generations.

Lack of alignment of purpose, conflicting values and fights over money and power can cause families to drift apart and stop functioning altogether. Using our Virtuous Family Circle framework, we take a holistic approach to intergenerational transition ensuring that the wellbeing of individuals, and the cohesion of the family guides wealth and succession planning.

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Breaking the cycle that destroys families and their wealth.

A flourishing family is the key to successfully transitioning wealth from generation to generation. By investing in relational wealth we help families preserve and pass on not just their material wealth, but the values, family unity and vision which sustains families and enables them to steward wealth effectively. Plenitude Partners is led by Andrew Doust.  Learn more