The responsibility of managing wealth can create cracks in even the most tight-knit family

While families invest time and energy to build wealth, many fail to protect themselves against a common consequence of possessing it – fracturing of the family.

The accumulation of wealth may begin with a desire to “set the family up” for generations of opportunity and prosperity. But too many excel in business and wealth creation only to falter or even fail as a family. The breakdown of the family unit – the custodian of family wealth – leads to the fragmentation and eventual erosion of wealth. Usually, as the popular saying goes, within three generations.

“Wealth… not the least of its virtues is that it destroys base people as certainly as it fortifies and dignifies noble people.”
George Bernard Shaw, Ireland

A fractured family is a tragic reward for financial success, and fractured families are less able to steward wealth over time.


We equip wealthy families to break this cycle

A flourishing family is the key to successfully transitioning your wealth from generation to generation.

Strong, united and values-based families are better financial stewards: more generous and more willing to patiently invest with a long-term view to building a legacy. That’s why we’ve developed our Virtuous Family Circle.

We can work with your family to:

  1. Define your unifying purpose (legacy) and discover and pass on core family values.
  2. Prepare family members to lead a fulfilled life and be faithful stewards of family wealth and the family name.
  3. Establish governance mechanisms that are based far more on trusted family relationships than on structures, policies and rules.
  4. Align your investment and philanthropic portfolio to express shared purpose and values.

Learn more about our Virtuous Family Circle, and how we use it.

“If we command our wealth, we shall be rich and free; if our wealth commands us, we are poor indeed.”
Edmund Burk, Ireland 


We empower families to use wealth to deliver more of what matters

While every family is unique, we typically work with a family, family office and family foundation to:

  • embed the purpose and core family values into the culture and practices of your family and all who represent its interests.
  • develop a philanthropic and social impact strategy which engages family members, shapes values and supports them as they learn how best to use their resources to serve society and especially those who are less privileged.
  • create governance mechanisms which support healthy family relationships, including family charters or constitutions, family councils and meetings, codes of conduct and communication practices.
  • resolve conflict and tension which threaten the unity and impact of the family.
  • prepare succession plans which improve the success of wealth transition.

We can help your family come together and stay together so you can create more of what matters in life. More meaning, clearer purpose, stronger relationships and more fulfillment from stewarding family wealth in service of others.

“My sincere appreciation for the work you’ve done with my family… As the new year unfolds I reflect on their growth, maturity and clarity of purpose. I attribute this to the conversations you’ve had with them.”
Giving pledge family, Africa


Trusted professionals providing expert advice

Our best in class professionals work with you and your existing advisers.

No single firm has all the capabilities you need. Plenitude Partners works with and complements family offices and professional advisors including wealth managers, lawyers, bankers, estate planners and accountants.

While other advisors tend to focus on the ‘transactional and mechanical’ aspects of wealth management, we focus on the ‘mission’ which drives the mechanics. And by crystallising your purpose and values, your advisors are better able to align their advice to deliver what matters to you.

We take a holistic view of your needs and deliver through a network of trusted specialists around the world, matching you with the best possible service providers in each field at just the right time. This includes mentors, family governance practitioners, philanthropic advisors, communications specialists and more.

Through our unique capabilities and the use of our Virtuous Family Circle, we can lead your family to a more sustainable future.