The heart of our work is helping individuals and families flourish and create an enduring legacy

We take a holistic approach to strengthen the capacity of families as effective stewards of wealth over successive generations.

The Virtuous Family Circle is the simple framework we’ve developed to define what every wealthy family needs to thrive. Plenitude Partners can guide you through each element and draw on a network of specialist advisers – including your existing providers – to provide an integrated and seamless experience.



Creating a unifying purpose and values

This is your “why”, the reason (other than preserving wealth) for your family to pull together. It may be expressed as your legacy or family mission. We provide advice and can craft education sessions, family retreats and workshops to help you:

  • Articulate your family narrative, received wisdom, core values and unifying purpose
  • Guide individual family members to discover their personal passion and to articulate individual purpose statements
  • Develop the guiding principles and practices your family will adopt to preserve purpose and values from one generation to the next

Learn more: “Find your why” – a workshop to explore individual and family purpose and values.


“The only question with wealth is, what do you do with it?”
John D Rockefeller, US


Preparing family members to lead a fulfilled life and be faithful stewards of family wealth

We focus first on character formation, then competence. Through education sessions, field experiences and mentoring we can help your family:

  • Develop an ‘Our family’ education toolkit and playbook
  • Teach NextGen family members core stewardship principles
  • Prepare personal mission plans and tailored coaching support
  • Assist family members to create a personal giving plan

Learn more: “Real Wealth” – a workshop which explores spiritual, character and material wealth and the concept of stewardship.


“Be careful to leave your sons (and daughters) well instructed rather than rich, for the hopes of the instructed are better than the wealth of the ignorant.”
Epictetus, Greece


Strengthen the family unit as custodian of family wealth and reputation

Wealth often leads family members to live more separate lives. Families must relate well together as a social unit to manage and transition wealth. We help you anticipate and address threats to family unity. We advocate governance based on trust and familial bonds more than a reliance on structures, policies and rules with a focus on:

  • Family dynamics: activities and skills to build community, improve communication, bring the best out of each other and resolve conflict
  • Family leadership and decision-making structures and processes
  • Establishing formal governance structures and documents including a family council and family constitution or charter
  • Succession planning and transition management

Learn more: “The power of one” –  a workshop to explore how family unity helps long term wealth creation and preservation and how to address the forces which divide families.


“You will never truly understand your relatives until you have to share an inheritance.”
Mark Twain


Align your wealth portfolio with purpose and values

If you want your portfolio to deliver “meaning dividends” and not just financial returns, it must express your purpose and values. From operating businesses to liquid investments and philanthropic investments – everything a family owns can be mission aligned and contribute to a greater purpose.

Working with your trusted advisors and other specialists as required we help:

  • Prepare your investment mandate to provide clear guidance to your wealth managers
  • Clean-up your investment portfolio to deliver the combination of cash and value creation which you need to achieve your objectives
  • Develop your philanthropic vision and objectives which are necessary to guide development and implementation of your philanthropic strategy.


“Surplus wealth is a sacred trust which its possessor is bound to administer in his lifetime for the good of the community.”
Andrew Carnegie, US