A desire to see your family flourish and use wealth for good are essential for your journey.

Helping families discover their ‘why’ requires a different focus to what you might be used to.

We take a highly relational approach and ask soul searching questions of the entire family. It’s a journey of self-discovery which requires family members be willing to learn and be receptive to change.

To work with us you will likely identify with one or more of these:

  • You may have experienced a liquidity event and you have established a family office which needs a clear vision
  • You want to prepare your family for stewardship responsibility and unite them around a purpose that is greater than just wealth preservation
  • You’re asking questions like “what’s my greater purpose?”, “what’s the purpose of our wealth?”, “will I be remembered for who I am and not just what I have?”
  • You feel an overwhelming desire to invest in the success and wellbeing of others but you are uncertain how to channel this
  • Your wealth portfolio is not aligned with your purpose. You want your investment portfolio to deliver more meaning dividends, not just financial returns
  • You worry that your wealth is harming those you love most
  • You see entitlement attitudes creeping in: your children or grandchildren are losing touch with the values that drove your success or they have skipped over the “struggles which strengthen character”
  • Your children – perhaps overwhelmed with options and expectations – are struggling to find their life purpose
  • You’re ready to hand stewardship responsibility to your children but you’re not sure where to start


“I wanted to thank you profusely for the workshop. You led and managed the workshop beautifully. My kids seem transformed after the workshop. They have a more humble and holistic approach to wealth. They understand more about the family business, its origins and its purpose. The kids have started to have a semblance of a sense of belonging and identity within the family from a common purpose / mission / wealth / dream / “where could I fit in” perspective. Very importantly, they understand that wealth must be preserved and not plundered. I think your 1st-2nd -3rd gen slide was a wake-up call for them. They were treated like adults and their voice was heard. The kids keep asking me when is the next workshop! Thank you once again.”
Naila Rahim, Galana Group, United Arab Emirates


We provide a sounding board to tackle the hard questions together

The path to creating and stewarding family wealth is filled with questions which you may be confronting for the first time. Questions which are tough to face on your own.

  1. What is the purpose of our wealth? What do we do with it?
  2. How much is enough? What is an appropriate lifestyle for our family?
  3. How much do we give to kids and when? What do we tell our kids about wealth and when?
  4. How much do we give away? To what causes? And how?
  5. Who are my friends? Who can I trust to give me honest advice?
  6. How do I prevent my family fighting over money?
  7. How to I prepare the next generation for the responsibility of wealth and influence? What if they are not capable of or interested in stewarding wealth?
  8. How do I connect with children who I hardly saw while I was busy building wealth?
  9. In the midst of abundance, how do we keep our family and kids grounded in healthy values? How do I deal with entitlement attitudes?
  10. Will I live in the shadow of my parent’s achievements? Where does my personal passion and purpose fit?

Since wealth tends to isolate us from friends and family, it leaves us with few trusted peers to journey with.

Plenitude Partners helps you anticipate and navigate the opportunities and challenges of stewarding wealth. Our approach provides a safe place to ask and address to your deepest fears and concerns and to emerge more confident in yourself and your family.